For young carers

Young carers are aged under 25, and they help care for a parent, a brother or sister, a child, a grandparent, other relatives or even a friend who has an illness, a disability, a mental health issue, an alcohol or other drug issue, or who is frail aged.

For young carers

Supporting young carers in the NT

Are you one of the thousands of young carers in the Territory? Thank you! You are amazing and what you do is so, so important.

Many young carers don’t really see themselves as a ‘carer’. 

But if you help out with cleaning or cooking, help someone get around the house, or help with medicine, showering or dressing then you are a carer.

Even though it feels good to help someone you love, being a young carer can sometimes be hard work. It can sometimes make you feel tired and frustrated and give you less time to hang out with friends, do your homework, have a job or just have time to yourself.

We’re here to help young carers get a handle on their caring role and to take away some of the pressure so life is a bit easier.

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Support services available to young carers

Regular get togethers

With other young carers, not just in school holidays, to have some fun and learn some new skills to support you in everyday life. Things we’ve done in the past are pizza-cooking classes, simple budgeting tips and making a short film about young carers.

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