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We appreciate the generous support we receive from sponsors, local businesses and members of the community who assist us to support carers in the Northern Territory.

How you help us to support carers across the Northern Territory

  • sponsoring Carers NT
  • sponsoring an event
  • making a donation, bequest or ‘in-memory’ gift
  • becoming one of our valued volunteers
  • volunteering your staff to help out at our community events
  • becoming a member
  • choosing Carers NT as your fundraising beneficiary.
Almost every person who walks the planet has been exposed to caring in some way, even if they don’t realise it. I didn’t know it, but I was a carer as a kid. The daughter of one of our family friends had Down syndrome, and she’d come over sometimes to give her parents a break. Just look around and you’ll see carers and caring responsibilities everywhere. - Steve Vitone - CEO, Carers NT

Major sponsors

  • Halikos Group
  • Southern Cross Television

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